Ant-Man's Baskin-Robbins Connection Explained

Finding a job with a criminal record isn't always the easiest, as Paul Rudd's Scott Lang finds out in Ant-Man. There was one place that took Scott in, though some lying was involved.

Baskin Robbins.

At first, it seems like it's blatant product placement, but the ice-cream giant wasn't the first choice of Scott's place of employment. Ant-Man screenwriter Adam McKay had told USA Today at the premiere that he had wanted Jamba Juice, but director Peyton Reed had a different first choice. Reed talked to USA Today's Mothership Podcast what was originally planned.

"McKay is misremebering it, because he originally wrote Chipotle," said Reed. "Chipotle is funny."

The thing is though “Chipotle didn’t particularly like the context in which we were using their brand,” said Reed, who didn’t think making up a Mexican restaurant called “Chiplotnicks” would be as funny.


There was Jamba Juice eventually mentioned, but the filmmakers decided to go into a different direction. "We landed on Baskin Robbins because who doesn't like Baskin Robbins?" Reed said. He knew that BR would be a perfect choice due to the bright pastel colorscheme, which would be a great contrast to Scott's dark criminal past. Check out the clip below from MTV Fandom Awards to see Rudd as Lang behind the counter at Baskin Robbins.

For those who have seen Ant-Man, did you think the joke was effective?