Ant-Man's Most Overlooked Cameo: Ant-Man Himself

When Supergirl was in the pilot stage, it was revealed that the actors who would play Kara's Earth parents had ties to the Superman and Supergirl franchises.

Looks like Marvel did the same thing with the release of Ant-Man...but nobody noticed.

In the classic 1979 Saturday Night Live sketch "Superhero Party," Superman: The Movie's Margot Kidder guest-starred opposite Bill Murray as Superman, Jane Curtin as Lana Lang, John Belushi as The Incredible Hulk and more...including Garrett Morris as Ant-Man, in a rare live-action appearance.

You can see the sketch below.

...Not the most flattering portrayal, of course.

Certainly an interesting artifact of the time; the inflatable version of The Thing, Superman having some comic book-like streaks of blue in his hair, the Spider-Woman cameo...fascinating stuff.


And, of course, some good old-fashioned Marvel vs. DC rivalry.

So...what's the point? Well, Morris had a cameo appearance as a cab driver in Ant-Man. Given the comedic tone (and, yes, the occasional jab at the Ant-Man moniker), it's impossible to think it's a coincidence. And, yes, he might have been the first live-action actor to portray the hero...even if it was for a gag.