Aquaman and the Others Coming From DC Comics, Jurgens and Medina in April

DC Comics announced today that April will see the start of Aquaman and the Others, a new title [...]


DC Comics announced today that April will see the start of Aquaman and the Others, a new title featuring the mystical, artifact-wielding team that first appeared in the New 52 during Aquaman's second arc. The series will be written by Booster Gold creator Dan Jurgens, who took on the character of Aquaman briefly in 2000 as both writer and artist. Art will be provided by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo. The current Aquaman series will continue as normal.

According to IGN, to whom DC gave the exclusive reveal, "The series will feature Aquaman's team of Others being hunted by a mysterious foe who wants the golden Atlantean artifacts that give them their powers. That plot may sound a tad familiar as it was Black Manta who was hunting down the Others and stealing their artifacts as part of his revenge against Aquaman during Geoff Johns's run, so we'll have to wait and see how this series sets itself apart. The Others were a huge part of the X-factor that made Aquaman's New 52 relaunch so exciting because it expanded the character's mythology with a cool cast of new characters."

Jurgens is also currently working on the upcoming, weekly series The New 52: Futures End for DC Comics, as both a writer and one of the series' platoon of revolving artists. Aquaman and the Others marks his first ongoing, monthly gig since the end of The Fury of Firestorm the Nuclear Man. Aquaman has been one of the biggest successes of the New 52 and easily the "comeback player of the year," since the other big hits have all featured characters like Batman and Superman, who didn't really need the relaunch to make a successful title work. It also makes Aquaman the fifth member of the Justice League to rate at least one spinoff or team-up book; Superman has team-up books with Batman and Wonder Woman (plus, Batman has more titles than you can shake a stick at) and Green Lantern has a whole family of books including the just-announced Sinestro ongoing series. Cyborg remains, to this point, the only founding member of the New 52 Justice League who has not had his own ongoing series since the relaunch. For those unfamiliar, here's a rundown on The Others, from Den of Geek, who passionately argued back in November for this series to happen: Aquaman: King of the Sea, wields his special trident, etc. You know the drill. Ya'Wara: Loincloth-wearing jungle queen with a special globe that allows her to teleport anywhere around the world. Prisoner-of-War: Haunted soldier who acts as a host to the many ghosts of his fallen comrades. Wields golden manacles that create forcefields. The Operative: Elderly secret agent with an excess of experience and connections to seemingly every government. Has a magic key that can open any door. Kahina the Seer: Scimitar-using woman with the ability to see the future. Vostok-X: Russian cosmonaut with a helmet that allows him to survive without air, food or water. The nature of these characters is such that there are a great many directions such a title can go in.