Archer, Rifftrax and More--Photos from ComicCon Thursday

Photographer Z.D. Roberts was on the scene yesterday for the star-studded panels for Archer and Rifftrax at San Diego Comic-Con International. Check out the fruits of his labor below, and keep an eye out for much, much more coming today. The Archer panel was a madhouse; with series creator Adam Reed and stars H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler and Amber Nash in the house, not only did they show off the next season premiere (we'll have a review of that tonight), but also because Archer has taken over a chunk of San Diego, offering free WiFi in neighborhood eateries in exchange for entering a contest to win prized and raise awareness for the cult FX hit. The Rifftrax panel was particularly exciting because it featured a special guest Deborah Ann Woll, a huge Rifftrax fan that plays Jessica on HBO's True Blood (that's her dressed as Axe Cop in the photos). The Mystery Science Theater 3000 vets did a live riff and announced that they would have another one coming soon, taking on the Syfy original movie Birdemic. We've got photos, interviews and video galore lined up, as well as coverage of the Firefly panel, and the one for a little show called The Walking Dead. We've also got a ton of video coming up from yesterday, including interviews with Adrianne Curry, pieces of footage from The Walking Dead Escape panel and more. [gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="4" orderby="title"]