Archer Season 7 Premiere Date Announced


Looks like Archer fans get another trip to the Danger Zone starting March 31 as it has been renewed for a seventh season on FX (and not on FXX as previously rumored).

The gang formerly known as ISIS is back, but creator Adam Reed has mentioned it'll reset a lot of the show's more familiar elements, but that doesn't necessarily mean we'll get a season like Archer: Vice from several seasons ago. The crew has sworn off pursuing the spy life once again and the show could be headed into a new direction. Again.

Though fans will tell you, the show produces some of its better moments when the story isn't necessarily tied to a spy mission. Season six gave some excellent moments that didn't revolve around espionage, so taking the spy element out of the show wouldn't mean tethering it to the ground.

Reed did mention a change in location, but didn't specify where just yet. Perhaps somewhere overseas? What do you Archer fans want to see from this season? Would you be excited for a slightly different direction? Let us know in the comments below.