Armed Suspects Use Pokemon GO to Rob Players

Pokemon GO
(Photo: Nintendo)

Criminals have found a way to use Pokemon GO to attract unwitting victims. The O'Fallon Police Department in Missouri responded to reports early this morning that a group of Pokemon GO players were robbed at gunpoint.

According to the report, the robbers used Lure Modules to attract players to a nearby PokeStop and then robbed them at gunpoint. Lure Modules can be attached to a location in the game to attract Pokemon for all players. Luckily, the suspects were later apprehended by the police and are believed to be behind several other armed robberies.

The O'Mallon PD's full press release can be found below:


Obviously, players should be careful when playing Pokemon GO, especially at night. Although Lure Modules are supposed to encourage players to congregate and meet each other, players are encouraged to be aware of their surroundings and think before traveling to an unfamiliar location. After all, Lure Modules can be seen by everyone, so they can attract more than just Pokemon.