Arrested Development Season Four Trailer Debuts Online

Official Netflix ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT poster

Late yesterday, Netflix released a trailer for the upcoming fourth season of the long-cancelled Fox series Arrested Development.

In the show's season finale back in 2006, a postscript  at the end of the episode teased the prospect of a movie follow-up. After years of false starts, the film was reportedly picked up by Netflix in 2012--only to materialize as a new season of the TV show instead, with the promise of a feature film to wrap up new plot threads being introduced in season four if the streaming season is successful enough for the showrunners to make the movie happen. At present, it appears as though Netflix is only committed to a single season and will not be producing the movie or any additional seasons, although obviously that could change depending on the show's performance and a variety of other factors.

Filled with a handful of inside jokes, the trailer runs just over 90 seconds and features at least brief appearances by all of the series's key players.

Arrested Development returns on May 26, with all fifteen season four episodes streaming to Netflix that day. Now that's a clear-cut situation with the promise of comedy.