Arrow Blu-Ray Sneak Peek: Finding the Show's Identity, Teasing Justice League


In a newly-released interview with Arrow star Stephen Amell, recorded as part of the promotional run-up for tomorrow's release of the first season of the show on Blu-ray and DVD, the actor talks about the series finding its identity throughout the first season, and teases more Justice League members to come down the line.

Digital Spy grilled him about the dynamic of "Team Arrow" and the upgrade of Felicity to a regular member of the cast.

"Fundamentally," Amell said when questioned about how the death of Tommy would affect the show going forward. "To do something that drastic and kill of a character that everyone enjoyed as much as Colin Donnell is a risky thing and it's to inform the entire second season."

He added that they're working in concert with DC, and that the better the series does, the more likely Arrow is to have "other members of the Justice League on our show." Of course, whether he just means The Flash, who's already confirmed to appear, or other Justice Leaguers isn't totally clear. Even within that rarefied air of Justice League members, there are guys like Ted Kord and Metamorpho who might show up on the show but who aren't strictly A-listers in the eyes of the studio.

Arrow is out on DVD and Blu-ray in the U.S. tomorrow; the second season premieres on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. EST.