Arrow Casts NYPD Blue's Charlotte Ross as Felicity Smoak's Mother

NYPD Blue alum Charlotte Ross is set to play the mother of Felicity Smoak on Arrow, reports.

Ross, who like The Flash's Grant Gustin has appeared on Glee, will appear in at least one episode in early November, the magazine reports. Details on Felicity's mother — including her name and whether she'll appear in flashback or present day — are being kept heavily guarded.

At Comic Con International: San Diego last week, showrunners revealed that other characters besides Oliver would be featured in a number of the flashback sequences this year, hinting at Felicity as a likely candidate.


Nothing is known about Felicity's parents in the comics, where she appeared as a supporting character for Firestorm (who will appear this year on The Flash). On Arrow, it has been repeatedly teased that Felicity's backstory is complex and unhappy.