Arrow Day To Take Over Comic Shops October 10

Not unlike what they did when The Dark Knight Rises was coming out, DC Entertainment announced today that they will ship special print editions of Arrow #1 Special Edition, a tie-in to Mike Grell's digital-first series set in the world of the upcoming CW Network show.

The free comics will be distributed on October 10, encouraging direct market retailers to participate in an "Arrow Day" and retailers (in addition to the Arrow book, which will be a retrospective look at Oliver Queen and a six-page preview of Arrow #0), retailers will have Arrow bags and posters on hand to give away to fans, as well.

Arrow is one of the most highly-anticipated new shows premiering this fall and when you combine that with enthusiasm from comic book fans who now get to see one of their favorite Super Heroes on TV – there’s a lot of excitement comic book retailers can tap into,” said DC Entertainment Vice President of Marketing, John Cunningham in a statement. “We’re thrilled to bring ‘Arrow Day’ to fans across the country.”

The series will debut that night on the CW.