Arrow Recap With Spoilers: Streets of Fire

The episode picks up more or less as the previous week's did: Arrow and Laurel are in wreckage, [...]

Streets of Fire

The episode picks up more or less as the previous week's did: Arrow and Laurel are in wreckage, the result of Arrow blowing the ceiling around them to slow the progress of the Mirakuru soldiers. He's trapped and disoriented, shouting for Laurel, while Diggle is defending himself against Ravager, the pair trading quips. Laurel is trapped inside of the collapsed tunnel -- Oliver's bow and quiver are in there with her, though, and he plans to walk her through blowing her way out.

Streets of Fire

As Ravager is asking Diggle where Felicity is, saying she wants to kill her, Felicity pulls up in her van and runs over Ravager. Diggle gets in, Ravager gets up, and so Felicity drives off. At the police station, Lance is struggling with one of the Mirakuru soldiers who is trying to kill a bunch of officers. He sets off the grenades attached to the soldier, doing huge damage to the building while he hides on the other side of the room. At the mayor's office, Blood is rejecting an offer of help from the governor, and then when Kate Spencer comes in to see him, he is calm and tells her that he has no concerns, that he knows the city will come out the other side better. Oliver talks Laurel through using the explosive arrow to free herself from the tunnel, which works, but she's disoriented from the blast. He goes in and hugs her, then takes the bow and quiver. He calls out to Diggle, telling him taht they're coming up. Back in Lian Yu, Sara is gone. Oliver goes back into the submarine, where sonar begins to ping. Anatoli tells him that the Amazo is moving. Oliver tells him to get the sub close enough that he can swim to the freighter, and that if he and Sara aren't back in the hour, to sink it. At the train station, one of the soldiers is chasing Thea when the Dark Archer appears, shooting an explosive arrow at the soldier. He reveals himself to Thea's shock to be Merlyn. Back in the city, Laurel calls Lance to tell him she's safe with the Arrow and her father tells her to get off the streets. Oliver finds Diggle and Felicity and briefly survey the chaos in the city before Felicity tells him there may be a cure. The S.T.A.R. Labs courier, though, had his truck thrown over by a Mirakuru soldier and is stalled on the other side of town and too injured to move. They are going to him, but Deathstroke, having bugged Felicity's phone, sends a soldier after him as well. They leave Laurel to walk to the police department. Felicity continues to monitor police bands while they're moving, but there are too many calls to really be useful. Oliver says he hopes Laurel got home. Back on the sub, Oliver readies to board the Amazo and reiterates that Knyazev should sink the freighter if he's not back in an hour. Anatoli tells him that he has made a friend for life and that if he ever needs anything, he only has to ask. In the present, the police are strategizing. Lance wants to call in the National Guard but other cops say it's a call for the mayor. Lance says that Blood is in on it, and the chief of police can make the call in an emergency, but apparently the chief of police is dead. Lance says there's only one other guy they can call, and gets a look. He tells his lieutenant that while he knows Arrow is breaking the law, he thinks he can help and reluctantly the lieutenant says to make the call. He promotes Lance back to Detective, saying that becuase he knows more about what's going on than anybody else, he needs his help leading them. Elsewhere in the city, Laurel is trapped by a Mirakuru soldier when Canary saves her. She tells Sara she knows who she is and they hug. At the mayor's office, they're watching news reports when the power goes out. Blood looks concerned. A Mirakuru soldier kicks someone through the door, then kills Kate Spencer in his office after Blood orders him to let her go, saying he doesn't take orders from Blood.

Streets of Fire

As they're on the way to the cure, Arrow gets a call from Lance telling him that the cops are planning to work with him. He tells them to help contain the Mirakuru army while they work on a plan. As they're heading toward the car, though, they're spotted by Deathstoke's army, who take out their van. While it's on its side, they're surrounded by Mirakuru soldiers. Oliver comes to first, then calls out to Diggle. Everyone is alive, but Felicity is unconscious. They start out of the vehicle, with Oliver holding up the rear to protect them from the Mirakuru army. He fires explosive arrows into the vehicle while hte soldiers are opening the trunk, which knocks them out, and the three get away. Near the train station, Thea is running away, looking scared and confused. Merlyn follows, calling out to her and telling her that he isn't there to hurt her. She doesn't believe him at first, asking him how he's even alive and why he's there. He says that after he heard about Moira's death, he needed to see she was okay. She rejects him, saying she wants nothing from him, but he tells her that right now, she needs his help and his protection. He offers to take her to safety. At the Queen Consolidated office, Deathstroke and Ravager are looking out over the city. Deathstroke says it's too bad Shado isn't there to see it and Ravager asks who Shado is. Blood interrupts before Slade can explain, complaining about the Mirakuru soldier who attacked city hall and killed Spencer. He says he never agreed to this; Slade tells him that he had a different plan, and when Blood says they had a deal, Slade confronts him, telling him that the innocent people there need to die to uphold his promise to make Oliver suffer. Blood is repulsed when he realizes that it's all about that -- but Slade isn't interested. He wants to raze the city Oliver loves. Laurel finds a police officer, dead on the hood of a cop car, and runs to him. Sara stops and sulks. Laurel asks where she has been and Sara says it doesn't matter. She tells Laurel that she isn't sure why she's come back, and that Laurel doesn't know about her -- who she's become. She tells Laurel she's the furthest thing from a hero, that she's been changed by her experiences. Laurel tells her that she hasn't been through what Sara has, but she knows that she can overcome it. She tells Sara that they wouldn't know her by such a beautiful name as the Canary if she was as irredeemable as she thinks. Back on the Amazo, Oliver comes and lets Sara out of her cell. He tells her to go -- that he's not going to let Slade go, that he needs to cure him. Sara tells him she doesn't want to die, but Ollie says he needs to at least try to save his friend. He kisses her and tells her to get to safety in the sub. She refuses to go without him. In the street, Sara and Laurel get a call from Lance, and Laurel tells him Sara is back. The S.T.A.R. Labs tech calls to the team and honks his horn to get their attention but is attacked by a Mirakuru soldier, who takes the cure and delivers it to Slade. Oliver, Felicity and Diggle are at the clock tower, where they learn that there is no way to make more cure. Oliver says the Foundry has been compromised and sends Diggle to get Roy. Ollie apologizes to Felicity, who gives him a tearful pep talk, telling him she believes in him and hugging him. Under a bridge where they're waiting for Lance, Sara hears a woman screaming and goes to help. Laurel follows and sees her run into a burning building, which explodes. Twice. As Lance frantically radios for help, Sara carries a child out of the building.


Thea is still rejecting Merlyn when they're attacked by another Mirakuru soldier. Ultimately Merlyn takes him out but falls in the process. At the clock tower, Blood calls Oliver, telling him that he should have listened to him before -- but that he has taken the Mirakuru cure. At the clock tower, Team Arrow mobilizes after they've put Roy on a gurney, still on the pit viper venom drip. Felicity asks if they're sure it's not a trap -- and they're not, but they go anyway. Oliver goes to see Blood, who is explaining why he's Brother Blood -- that he made the mask to conquer his fears because that's how he saw his abusive father. He says all he ever wanted to do is help people. He gives Oliver the cure, saying that when it's all over he will do everything in his power to rebuild Starling. He tells Oliver that if he tells the world about Brother Blood, he'll reveal his identity as the Arrow. Back at the police department, Sara gets a bunch of praise from a cop who doesn't know she's the Canary, but says the Canary is the bravest person she's ever seen. At the mayor's office, Ravager comes to see Blood, knowing that he's given the cure to Oliver. She calls Slade to report on what happened and then kills Blood, who dies with the words "I loved this city." At the clock tower, Team Arrow takes out the cure and decide to inject Roy with it after a bit of debate. Back on the Amazo, Oliver sneaks into Ivo's office, gets a bow and quiver that had been taken before, and starts looking for the cure. Slade and the crew of the Amazo catch him, holding the cure. At the police department, Lance is called aside. The Army is arriving to restore order -- but it seems like they're going to blow the bridges and tunnels to cut off the routes in and out. Lance's lieutenant doesn't believe it's really the army, because the nearest base is too far away. At the clock tower, Oliver apologizes, then prepares to inject Roy. Lance calls to call their attention to the military's arrival. At A.R.G.U.S., Oliver calls Amanda to ask what she's doing. She says she has to contain the Mirakuru army by any means necessary. She plans to bomb the city into oblivion. He tells her that he has the cure, and can stop Slade and his men, but she says she can't take the chance he'll fail. She gives him until dawn, then the city is a crater. Oliver injects Roy. Back at the train station, Merlyn comes to, and Thea is holding a gun on him. He tells her that if she's going to use it, she'll want to click the safety off. She threatens to kill him, but he tells her that he knows what she's going through -- that she's all he has left, and she's lost everything too. As he's talking to her, she shoots him twice.