Arrow Star Stephen Amell Releases 15-Minute Video Answering Fan Questions

Arrow star Stephen Amell, who solicited fan questions via his Facebook page recently with the aim [...]

Keep Your Enemies Closer


star Stephen Amell, who solicited fan questions via his Facebook page recently with the aim of releasing a Q&A video ahead of the release of yesterday's Barry Allen-centric episode "The Scientist," got a bit delayed by filming the series' up coming thirteenth episode "Heir to the Dragon" but managed to get the video out today. Fifteen minutes of questions from fans and thoughts from Amell--or rather, about twelve minutes, after some opening observations about Facebook. The comments, Amell complained, are difficult to collate and print out. He also asked that fans ignore obvious trolls on the page, rather than engaging with them, saying that the positivity on the site is such that he doesn't need people challenging the handful who want to be negative. You can check out the full Q&A below, but here are some highlights:

  • "It's very hard, and I'm going to be working harder on it in the future," the actor said when asked about learning his lines in Russian. Oliver Queen went to Russia in the episode "Keep Your Enemies Closer" (read our recap here), but it might not necessarily be that he's planning on a return trip. After all, the flashback sequences could certainly put him back with Anatoli Knyazev again at some point, and even in the present day, Isabel Rochev has a thing for guys who speak the language.
  • It was a "surreal experience" to reshoot the sinking of the Queen's Gambit again when producers replaced the actress who plays Sara Lance.
  • The Duck Dynasty guys are big fans of Arrow.
  • Roy Harper doesn't wash his red sweatshirt.
  • The cast always knew that John Barrowman was coming back. Amell doesn't know whether he'll share screen time with Barrowman this season, but he hopes to.
  • Amell hopes that when the series ends, they will have the opportunity to announce that the final season is coming up before it enters production.
  • His favorite scene to shoot so far this season takes place in episode twelve after a gigantic explosion.
  • Edward Norton addressing the Supreme Court in The People vs. Larry Flynt was the moment that made Amell decide he wanted to be an actor.