Arrow Teases Season 4 with "New Era of Heroes"

(Photo: The CW)

Arrow season 4 kicks off in two weeks, and to help the countdown, The CW posted a new image of Thea Queen in her Speedy regalia to the official twitter account of the show. While another DC series may be about the "Rise of the Villains," The CW says Arrow is about "A new era of heroes coming to Star City."

Of course, that latter half of the sentence is well known by now, that they're changing the name of the city in the series from Starling City to the original comic book name of Star City (in the story, it's to honor the presumed-dead Ray Palmer, who was campaigning for the change). The first half of the sentence is interesting, as well. With Oliver Queen's alter-ego changing his look slightly and being referred to as "Green Arrow" instead of the simple titular name, it seems he'll also be leading the charge for a different type of hero alongside his sister-sidekick Speedy, Laurel Lance as Black Canary, and even Diggle in an as-yet-un-codenamed helmet/outfit; perhaps the "new era" is one of a little more traditional superhero than we've seen on the show thus far.


Arrow season 4 begins on Wednesday, October 7 on The CW.