Arrow: Will Oliver Discover the OMAC Project In Hong Kong?

Tonight on Arrow, Oliver Queen (in the flashbacks) discovered the truth about Ferris Air Flight 637, the jetliner he saved while stranded on Lian Yu. 

Ferris Air is the company owned by Hal Jordan's girlfriend Carol Ferris and, depending on what point you're at in the continuity, possibly also her father Carl. When Eddie Fyers attempted to shoot a Ferris Air commercial jet out of the sky, ostensibly to hurt the Chinese economy, it was one of the biggest early DC Comics Easter eggs on the show.

In fact, Oliver discovered tonight, the attack on the Ferris Air jet was ordered by Amanda Waller and meant to be carried out by Fyers in order to kill Chien Na Wei (China White).

She's currently in Hong Kong and, as far as the episode tells us, that's the reason Oliver has been kidnapped into the service of A.R.G.U.S.: to finish the assassination that he inadvertently prevented while trying to save innocent lives Waller considered collateral damage.

He pieced all of this together based on information found on a USB drive Oliver took off the body of a man he killed for Waller in Hong Kong. And that's kind of where it gets interesting for DC Comics fans.

The man Oliver killed, as it turns out, was Fyers' handler, and the USB drive outlined the plan to down the jet. Of course, the missile launcher used by Fyers was actually seen in last week's episode of Arrow -- just not on the island.

As part of a series of Queen Consolidated blueprints marked "O.M.A.C.," the missile launcher was discovered by new Queen CEO Ray Palmer, who seemed...quite intrigued by it.

We noted at the time that the character of Palmer was originally meant to be former Blue Beetle Ted Kord, who in the comics discovered a web of deception and embezzlement called The O.M.A.C. Project, tied to a satellite designed and put into orbit by Batman and hijacked by Checkmate, an organization to which Amanda Waller has historically had close ties, to spy on their enemies (in that case, superheroes). That doesn't bode well, it would seem, for Palmer as the guy who discovers O.M.A.C., but who knows? He could get lucky!

The question is, before that drive was destroyed by Team Arrow and then recovered by Felicity (long story), did Oliver know about O.M.A.C.? Was he aware of what his company was up to?

It seems like he's coming eerily close to discovering it in the past...and while Maseo and his son have been safe so far while Oliver plays by Waller's rules, Tatsu's character in the comics -- former JLAer Katana -- had a fairly tragic family history. Now that Oliver has opened O.M.A.C. files on the kid's computer, could that spell trouble for all involved?


In any event, with the references back to Fyers and his plans on Lian Yu, it certainly seems as though the O.M.A.C. story teased in the present day is going to dovetail with A.R.G.U.S.'s activities in the flashback.