Arrow's David Ramsey Talks Season Four, Diggle's Costume, Odds of a Supergirl Crossover and More

During a roundtable interview with at Comic-Con International: San Diego, Arrow star David Ramsey dropped a number of hints for the future of the series -- and talked about some of the cool things he'd like to see coming up in the show.

From Diggle's new costume to H.I.V.E. to Batman and Superman, TV's Diggle was ready to chat.

Was the choice of costume surprising?

A little bit. I didn't expect it to be as well-conceived as it was -- but at the same time, we've been talking about Diggle having some kind of concealment from the latter half of Season One, so I don't think you'll be disappointed.

What do you think of Diggle's connections to H.I.V.E.?

Well, he has a personal connection to H.I.V.E., because his brother was killed by Deadshot, who was hired by H.I.V.E., so there's a personal interest that he has in taking down that organization. And that's the big baddie for the season: H.I.V.E. and I think Damien Darhk and a few others. So Diggle's going to have a big, personal story this season. It will be, finally, Diggle's season!

How long do you stay mad at Oliver?

The whole season! No. They want to do that justice, right? Everyone at the end of Season Three was happy that Arrow was back and was going to continue the mission, except for Diggle. He had a personal problem with Arrow and it wasn't so much what he did with Lyla and kidnapping Lyla. It's the fact that he trusted Merlyn more than he did the team. And Diggle's a soldier, so if he can't trust him in the field, he'd rather not work with him.

But yes: They will kiss and make up.

So the headline here is that you're going to kiss?

Yes, we kiss. Episode 4, we'll be kissing. [laughs]

Do you think it's going to take something big for that kind of connection?

I don't think it's going to be that big. That's really a producer question. I don't think it's going to be that big, but it is going to be a bearing of the soul. I think both these men are going to have to be completely real and honest with each other. In that sense, it will be big. I don't think it will be a big, catastrophic event and they find out, "Well, we have to work together so we will." I think it will be moreso two men kind of standing up and respecting each other as they shoult.

What can you say about the Team Arrow dynamic at the start of the season now that Oliver and Felicity are gone?

Well, Diggle is the de facto leader of Team Arrow and he's leading the team with Speedy and the Black Canary and they're protecting Starling City -- and they're a well-oiled machine and they're very good at what they do.

But H.I.V.E. takes it to another level, so we'll see what happens.

How does Diggle feel about Malcolm Merlyn now leading the League of Assassins?

Again, I feel as though Diggle thinks that was not a very wise move. Diggle's a soldier. He thinks reconnaissance, he thinks of the team. Putting a known psychopath at the head of one of the most deadly organizations ever created on Earth...probably not good for the team, right? We're kind of creating a monster, or giving a monster a larger weapon. I don't think Diggle agrees with it. But that's the way things happen in Starling City with Oliver Queen at the helm.

Would you like to get into a crossover and get over to The Flash?

I would love to. The Flash, Legends...I would love to do Supergirl. I would love to see Diggle's reaction to a flying woman, just at sublight speeds or whatever. Diggle's reaction to The Flash was classic. I'd love to see how he would have reacted to Supergirl. So we'll see.

But if you ask [Greg] Berlanti, I'm sure that's the plan. If all these shows are successful? Why not?

As an actor, how does it feel to be in so many shows at one time?

You're just knocking on wood every day. It's a comic book renaissance right now, so you're just happy to be part of it. But nobody knew Arrow was going to do what it did. Arrow lived in the shadow of Smallville and Justin Hartley. No one thought Arrow was going to be as good as it did, and that made the way for The Flash and that made the way for DC's Legends of Tomorrow and made the way for Supergirl, and dare I say Gotham and Constantine as well, and all these DC properties that are now on TV. So I'm just lucky. I'm riding the wave.

Are there any DC characters that you personally would like to see stop by Starling

Yes. I'd like to see Bruce Wayne.

Not Batman, just Bruce Wayne. I want to see where that billionaire is, just in general. Like, is he a child whose parents just got killed? Is he part of the League of Assassins? Did he just come back from the League and he's a billionaire hanging out in Gotham? But if he's a contemporary of Oliver Queen, they have to know each other, right? Like, how many good-looking billionaires like that are walking around? So I would love to see Bruce Wayne.

...And now that you have Supergirl, don't you have Clark Kent? I would love to hear the names "Metropolis" and "Gotham" someplace in our universe. We'll see.


Is A.R.G.U.S. still an ongoing concern?

Yes. Lyla Michaels is going to have some developments with A.R.G.U.S. that Diggle's not going to agree with. And Diggle's obviously just by association has become part of A.R.G.U.S. in the Suicide Squad. So they're going to get more entrenched in that this season. Lyla's going to get more involved and by association, so will Diggle.