Arrow's Echo Kellum Confirms "Fair Play" Will Appear On the Show


A distinctive and somewhat strange element of almost every costume for Mr. Terrific has been the presence of the phrase "Fair Play."

In the Golden Age, it appeared as part of a sign that came up from the character's belt, but his modern reinterpretation was somewhat more subdued -- it was stitched onto the sleeves of his jacket.

While Arrow's Echo Kellum won't say just how it will happen, he did confirm for during a set visit tonight that it will be referenced in the series.

"You know, in one of the next couple of episodes, you'll see that phrase," Kellum said, adding, "In a very visual way."

That said, don't expect him to suit up quite yet; during that same interview, he said that he hasn't shared screen time with Grant Gustin from The Flash -- in spite of the fact that Stephen Amell had previously said that there would be nine superheroes onscreen together during the upcoming crossover episodes.


Arrow airs on Wednesday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Keep your eyes on for lots more from the sets of Arrow and The Flash over the next few days.