Arrow's Grant Gustin: I Love That Barry Allen is a Fanboy


guest star Grant Gustin, who will play Barry Allen and is expected to spinoff into his own series based on The Flash next year, will begin filming his Arrow episodes in Vancouver next week and has just seen his first script, the actor told Entertainment Tonight.

"I still don't know that much to be honest so I'm not in danger of giving too much away," Justin said. "It was a long process and it was pretty crazy. I was put through the wringer, but it worked out."

He said that the studio never made him do a physical auditioning, in terms of a boot camp or running drills, but he expects that he will have to put some weight on by the time Barry gets his powers at the end of the season.

"I love that the character himself is actually a comic book fan; he's a fanboy, he's a fan of Arrow and in the comics he's a fan of The Flash in the comics that came before him," the actor added. "I grew up a Superman fan and a DC Comics fan--not necessarily a Flash fan--and I relate to that. That was my favorite thing during the audition process was kind of the awkwardness and the fanboy inside of him that I can really relate to."

Arrow returns on Wednesday, October 9 at 8 p.m. on The CW. Barry Allen will be recurring this season, eventually getting his powers in the back half of the season as a backdoor pilot for a Flash series.