Arrow's Stephen Amell Teases Another WWE Raw Appearance

For several months, WWE's Stardust and Arrow star Stephen Amell have been trading barbs, building up a feud that will presumably payoff with a SummerSlam bout. Fans won't have to wait that long for the next chapter in this rivalry as Amell is teasing a WWE RAW appearance in the not so distant future.

"Why are pro wrestlers taking shots at me?," Amell asked in a new video he posted on his official Facebook page. "Are they intimidated? ...I'm just an actor. WWE is rolling through the Pacific-Northwest in a couple weeks, so, I don't know, maybe we'll find out then. If i get a day off ... I shoot a TV show, stuff like that. Anyway, guys keep doing your thing."

If you look at the schedule, the safe assumption would be Amell appearing at the WWE Monday Night RAW event on August 10 at XFINITY Arena in Everett, Washington. Keep in mind, that's best guess.

Wrestler fodder.

Why are WWE wrestlers taking shots at me?

Posted by Stephen Amell on Friday, July 24, 2015

Arrow’s fourth season premieres October 7th at 8:00PM on The CW.