Arrow's Well-Dressed Man: Our Readers Respond

Yesterday, we took some time to consider who John Barrowman might be playing in The CW Network's [...]

Yesterday, we took some time to consider who John Barrowman might be playing in The CW Network's Arrow. Barrowman plays a character known only as "Well-Dressed Man" in Warner Television's forthcoming Green Arrow adaptation from showrunners Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim. The series stars Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, the billionaire playboy who returns to civilization as Green Arrow after a shipwreck leaves him stranded on a desert island for years and he's forced to learn lethal survival and archery skills in order to thrive there. And while we had a number of ideas as to what DC character could be going by that cryptic name, our readers had some other ideas. Seemed worthwhile to mention them here! Tommy Merlyn's Dad Although Merlyn, here described as Ollie's best friend-turned-arch-nemesis Tommy Merlyn, has already been cast, there's some speculation coming out of Green Arrow TV that Barrowman might be Merlyn's father. Not a bad guess, given the age discrepancy between Barrowman and most of the rest of the announced leads. Hal Jordan There's been some speculation that, even without his magic ring, we might see Hal Jordan--Oliver Queen's mismatched best friend--appear in the series. While he's not the wealthy and powerful type, maybe he's well-dressed because of either his connection to the Ferris family and/or the fact that he's a well-known flirt. Count Vertigo Who's better dressed than a count? This could be an interesting idea, and it, like Hal above, was suggested by one of our Facebook fans. He could be a great addition to Arrow's rogues' gallery. Ted Kord A wealthy and influential DC Universe business magnate, it could be fun to see Ted Kord interacting in what appears to be a pretty dark and staid world on Arrow. It would also be interesting to see him on TV even though he no longer exists in the comics.