Ash vs Evil Dead Recap with Spoilers: Brujo

(Photo: Starz)

The episode starts right where the last one ended, with Amanda handcuffed in the Books from Beyond bookstore, staring a deadite in the face. She manages to drag her gun to her hand and shoots him, but to no avail. Luckily, Ruby shows up, and saves her, saying, "I'm your new best friend."

On the road, Kelly is laying in the backseat, and wakes up with a weird ringing in her head. She pukes out the window of the car, and says it was just the "tiny concussion." Pablo, Ash, and Kelly continue their road trip. Ash hopes the Brujo will be able to help, and we get one of those weird evil tracking shots out of the nearby forest. The car starts going crazy - the windows go up and the doors locked, and Ash notices a huge dust cloud racing up behind them. It starts sending the car all over, so Ash and Pablo hit the nitrous - they speed up gloriously for a moment, and then the engine looks like it's burning out. They pass through the gates of the Brujo's property, and the evil slams into the empty space and dissipates.

Ash explains that it's pure evil attacking them.

Amanda and Ruby talk in the bookstore about Ash, and Ruby reveals something huge: she's related to the family from the cabin in Evil Dead 2! "Thirty years ago in my family's cabin, he killed my mom, my dad, and my sister Annie. I've been out for revenge ever since." Oh snap. The deadite bookstore owner wakes up and looks at Ruby. He says "You! We know who you are. You are..." and Ruby cuts his head off. Amanda and Ruby agree to go "get this motherf*cker" together.

At the Brujo's, there are all sorts of talismans and craziness. The Brujo comes out and tells Pablo he's been expecting him "two days ago an ill wind whispered your name." Pablo tells the Brujo that he thinks Ash is a Jefe. "When evil shows up, it blows up!" Ash says. The Brujo analyzes Ash and says, "the flame is dim, but it flickers. It's not enough to illuminate what you seek." Kelly meanwhile is drawn to one of the talismans, and she is hearing voices from it. Brujo and Ash head inside to "take a look inside of" Ash.

While Brujo prepares a spell, Ash is uncomfortable. "Ash, you're a dolt." "Is that good?" "Only because you don't know what power you possess." He says his lack of self-awareness will make it difficult to find the answers he needs. Ash takes a shot of basically liquid acid.

Kelly and Pablo have a chat in the RV, about building Ash a new hand.

Speaking of hands, Ruby shows Amanda that she has Ash's demon hand, that he cut off to keep the possession out.

The Brujo continues to try to get Ash to respond, and it's starting to work, because he's definitely seeing things, like an eyeball in Brujo's mouth. Yeah, his trip has definitely started. He's seeing images from Charlie's Angels, and Playboy - and then from the old, classic movies! This is definitely what I imagine an acid trip would be like.

Ash "wakes up" in a shallow grave, with his eyes sewn shut. He hears the Brujo say "the key to look inside yourself is to see without sight." There are a bunch of strangely hooded men and women in dresses attacking him. He realizes he needs to just "shoot first and ask questions never." The stitches fall from his eyes, and his chainsaw hand is attached. He continues to trip, and finds his "spiritual center," Jacksonville, FL. He booked a vacation there thirty years ago, but "then took a girl up to a cabin and his life has never been the same since."

In the RV, Pablo's robotic hand for Ash is coming along well. Kelly has another pulse through her head and hits the bathroom. She falls to the ground suddenly. When she stands back up, her eyes are solid black - oh shit, it's the mental attack demon from last episode! It's still insanely terrifying. She sees it in the mirror. She comes out and says she feels much better. Then, she electrocutes Pablo. Uh-oh.


Back in the acid trip, Ash is drinking beer and looking at Jacksonville. His pet lizard starts talking to him, and tells him that the answer he seeks is to bury the book "deep deep below where your journey started."

Kelly comes in, sending Brujo out. As she walks through the room, the talismans go dark. She enters Ash's trip and "Jacksonville" becomes "Surrender Ash." He's suddenly in a cabin, and the demon is there. Ash's lizard tells him to get the demon out, or he'll never wake up. The demon takes him back to his stockboy warehouse (in his mind). Creepy dolls again! Ash finally starts to fight back, realizing he has power because he's in his own mind. But as he's reaching out, he's actually choking Kelly in real life. Pablo and Brujo come in, and Pablo hits him in the back of the head. A couple of the talismans scream - and yeah, the demon is still in Kelly. And that's all she wrote. Crap.