Ash Vs. Lobo And The DC Dead Fan Film Released


In 2013, the folks at WTFLOL put out "Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness." The fan-film featured Ash Williams and Gwen Stacy battling undead Marvel superheroes: Wolverine, Spider-Man and Iron Man. It was very well received, but Marvel had them take it down from YouTube after only 9 days.

On Friday, WTFLOL unveiled the long-awaited sequel, "Ash Vs. Lobo And The DC Dead." At the end of Part 1, Gwen and Ash -- who is sporting Iron Man's hand repulsor instead of a chainsaw -- were surrounded by the blood-thirsty Marvel superheroes. When Part 2 begins, Ash (David VonHippchen) and Gwen (Lindsay Croucher) are sprinting from the confrontation when all of a sudden a portal opens up and transports them to another universe.

This universe is experiencing a zombie-apocalypse as well, but it is inhabited with superheroes from DC Comics: Green Arrow (Joshua Borcyk), Batman (Kolin Roberts), Green Lantern (Erik Bello) and, of course, the intergalactic bounty hunter known as Lobo (Derek Russo)! The Main Man goes to great lengths to get his mitts on the Necronomicon.

Be on the lookout for a groovy cameo from Cassie Hack (Marian Gonzalez) of Hack/Slash.


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