Attack On Titan's Attraction At Universal Studios Japan Opens


Universal Studios Japan is opening a new Attack on Titan attraction this week, inducing nightmares to anyone brave enough to enter the park's gates.

The theme park will bring Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan Manga and Anime franchise to, well, horrific life, recreating the series' flesh-eating Titans as to-scale statues that measure up to 49 feet. The park will include Eren Titan and Female Titan in battle poses against one another, hopefully easing park-goers' fears that they're about to be consume by naked giants.

If that weren't enough, the park will also recreate the traumatic scene between Eren's mother and the female titan in the anime's first episode. To help sell the experience, the park will use—wait for it—"Clone-oids," which are touted as the world's most sophisticated human recreations. Apparently, wax wasn't scary enough.

And to really get in the dystopian mood, attendees can eat the same rations that the series' Survey Corps does. They can either go big and purchase a leader-level meal of bacon, a potato, black tear-flavored brand and soup, or choose the tamed-down "general issue meal for regular soldiers," which consists of only bread, a potato, and soup.

Just so you know what you're really getting yourself into, check out this video of the attraction below.


So, who else already has a ticket purchased?