Avengers DVD Gets Major Walmart Promotion

Walmart Avengers DVD Ad Cover

When the Avengers DVD and Blu-ray gets released on Tuesday, September 25, we would be very surprised if it doesn’t set all sorts of sales records. Walmart is supporting the release with one of the largest promotional campaigns that we can recall the store ever doing for a DVD release.

In this week’s Sunday newspaper, Walmart dropped an eight page circular with the first four pages devoted exclusively to The Avengers. The cover of the circular features Marvel’s The Avengers Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack that includes an Avengers graphic novel. Walmart will also be giving away an Avengers poster with the purchase of The Avengers DVD, while supplies last.

Also, featured on the front page of the new Walmart flyer are four past Marvel Studios DVD releases, as well as some yummy looking Marketside Pizza featuring four different Avengers characters on the boxes.

The second and third pages of the Walmart flyer feature various Avengers costumes and toys. The fourth page of the Walmart flyer features Avengers t-shirts, and information on a Walmart exclusive SuperHero AR app. Avengers fans can take part in a scavenger hunt inside of Walmart to answer questions and take their pictures as an Avenger. There is also a small ad promoting pre-ordering of The Amazing Spider-Man DVD.

While the remaining four pages of the Walmart flyer are devoted to birthday related items, The Avengers are also included as part of the selection. Page seven of the flyer features an Avengers cake that is available in Walmart bakeries.

Walmart Avengers Ad Pages 2 and 3

Walmart Avengers Ad Page 4

Walmart Avengers Ad DVD

Walmart Avengers Ad Pizza

Walmart Avengers Cake