Avengers Easter Egg Spotted In Jessica Jones Trailer

Did you spot the Avengers Easter egg in the Jessica Jones premiere announcement video?

True, a landmark’s fixed location in a shared universe remaining consistent across all entries into that shared universe’s canon isn’t much of an Easter egg, but hey, look! Avengers Tower! In New York!

The tower does have some strong thematic significance. Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) is an ex-superhero (more specifically an ex-Avenger in the comics, under the codename Jewel) dealing with PTSD brought on by a traumatic, career ending incident. Avengers Tower, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s most recognizable symbol of the superhero community, looming in the background as she walks down the dark streets Hell’s Kitchen is a succinct visual summation of her life so far as the series begins.

Jessica Jones premieres Nov. 20 on Netflix.