Avengers: Infinity War Trailer Recreated

Infinity War

Although Avengers: The Infinity War Part 1 doesn't hit theaters until 2018, excitement for the classic Marvel storyline to hit the big screen is at an all-time high.

This recreated trailer promises to amp said excitement.

In November President Kevin Fiege unveiled Phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At the conclusion of the announcement, a trailer aired mostly consisting of footage from previous Marvel films centering around the Infinity Stones, Comic Book Movie reports.

Divij Sonak says recreating the trailer was an absolute must.

"I know I'm pretty late into the part but its only by the time I finished this that I realized others had already done it," Sonak explained. "Being a Marvel fan, I nevertheless, had to complete this."

The Phase III slate includes:

Captain America: Civil War: May 6, 2016

Doctor Strange: November 4, 2016

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2: May 5, 2017

Thor: Ragnarok: July 28, 2017

Black Panther: November 3, 2017

Avengers 3: Infinity War (Part I): May 4, 2018

Captain Marvel: July 6, 2018


Inhumans: November 2, 2018

Avengers 3: Infinity War (Part II): May 3, 2019