Avengers vs. X-Men Preview: New Avengers #28

Marvel Comics has made a four-page preview of July's New Avengers #28, an Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in issue written by AvX co-writer Brian Michael Bendis and featuring art by Mike Deodato, available online.

In the pages released by Marvel, there's a hint that something big is on the horizon--literally--coming up in Avengers vs. X-Men #6, the series' next issue after its recent Act I conclusion, due in stores on June 20. Whatever it is appears on the water and is blurred out, with a big "Classified" stamp over it.

Even money is on something big and unexpected happening on Genosha, the island that intermittently serves as a mutant "promised land" or Magneto's principal base of operations.


Your First Look at NEW AVENGERS #28 – An AVENGERS VS. X-MEN Tie-In!

Marvel is proud to present your first look at New Avengers #28, an epic tie in to Avengers VS. X-Men from the blockbuster creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato! With the Phoenix Five pursuing and imprisoning Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it’s up to the New Avengers to stage a prison break! But can Luke Cage, Hawkeye, and Spider-Woman escape from the heart of X-Men territory? It’s non-stop action in New Avengers #28, coming to comic shops everywhere, the Marvel Comics app and the Marvel Digital Comics Shop this July.

NEW AVENGERS #28 (MAY120651)


Pencils & Cover by MICHAEL DEODATO

FOC – 6/18/2012, On Sale – 7/11/2012

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