Back To The Future Reimagined In Actual 2015 Video

(Photo: College Humor)

Even if you aren't a long time fan of the Back to the Future Part II, you've probably heard in the last couple weeks that a special date, October 21, 2015 is coming up. It's the day Marty McFly got to the future to find fax machines in rampant use, 3D movies with holographic advertisements, and the Cubs having won the World Series.

Well, the last one could still happen, the second one is pretty close, and the first one - I mean, who hasn't gotten 30 faxes today? Okay, okay, so most of the predictions have gone pretty wrong. College Humor is the latest to point that out in a new parody video.


The video jokes about the self-tying shoes, hoverboard, flying (and efficient) car, and it's all kind of depressing really. So watch it, and try your hardest not to think about how far we haven't come in thirty years.