Barack Obama Makes First Comic Book Appearance As President


The Internet has been buzzing today about the latest great recognition bestowed upon Barack Obama. No, we're not talking about Obama being named Time Magazine's Person of the Year. Heck, George W. Bush was Time Magazine's Person of the Year twice, so that's hardly something that you would even bother to put on a resume. What we're talking about is Barack Obama's first comic book appearance after being named president. The variant cover to Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon #145 which features Barack Obama has just been revealed by Image Comics. "I had always intended to follow up Dragon's previous presidential campaign with his own endorsement, but I never anticipated how much heat it would generate," Larsen said. "When Barack appeared on the incentive cover of Savage Dragon #137 as a candidate it led to the book going through numerous printings. This time out the media has, again, picked up on the story and I was hoping to get the word out so that retailers wouldn't get caught short once more." The Chicago Tribune reported on Savage Dragon #145 earlier this year, and they ran an exclusive comic strip with Barack Obama's very first comic book appearance as President. The comic strip will be part of Savage Dragon #145, which is scheduled to hit comic book stores on February 25, 2009.