Batman: Arkham Announcement Teased For New Year's Eve

Batman: Arkham announcement

It's not uncommon for studios to release teaser images promoting trailers for their upcoming blockbuster movies. Now, Warner Bros. has released a teaser image hinting at an upcoming video game announcement.

Yesterday, Warner Bros. posted the image above to their Batman: Arkham Facebook page, along with the text, "Visit this page on December 31st for a special announcement…more details to come next week!"

Obviously, the post seems to be indicating that some type of announcement involving their Batman: Arkham video game franchise will be made on New Year's Eve.

Any guesses as to what the announcement is about? Could it be an announcement for a new game in the Arkham series? It would seem unlikely since Batman:  Arkham Origins was released only a couple months ago, but it's always a possibility. Another possibility could be a announcement about a DLC for the current Batman: Arkham Origins game.