Batman Crosses 10 Million Facebook Fans, Superman 5 Million


With Ben Affleck's Batman casting in the next Superman movie dominating the headlines all weekend long, it's probably not surprising that both superheroes saw a surge in their social media footprint over the last few days.

The increased attention was, apparently, enough to push Superman up over 5 million fans on Facebook and Batman up over 10 million.

While a number of movies and TV shows based on comic book properties have millions of likes, it doesn't appear as though any other character page has as many. Marvel's Facebook page has just over 5.5 million fans, and DC's general page has less than 2 million (although DC maintains the official pages for many of their characters, whereas Marvel focuses its attention on the main page.

superman-5-millionTo celebrate, the publisher has created a couple of pieces of original art--the one at top by Batman Incorporated artist Chris Burnham and the one at right by Superman artist Kenneth Rocafort.