Batman: Robin's Wild Ride Gets the Rifftrax Treatment


Would Justin Bieber be the worst Robin ever? Maybe not.

Following on the heels of Batman Takes Over and Batman: Tunnel of Terror, Rifftrax is going after Batman: Robin's Wild Ride, another vintage theatrical serial featuring the Boy Wonder (real age: about thirty) driving around in the Batmobile (just a car).

You can check out both a sample of the hijinks--and the official summary--below.

The adventure continues! In this third installment of the vintage serial, Batman: Robin’s Wild Ride, we find our heroes at Disneyland. After an ill-advised turkey leg and funnel cake combo, Robin upchucks on the Tea Cups, forcing Batman to go find a towel and apologize to several families. On his way back with the towel, Batman spots the sign for Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and gets a sudden idea for a title…


Fine, you’re right, that’s not really the wild ride, and Disneyland hadn’t even been built when this short was made. The ACTUAL wild ride is...completely absent. Seriously, if you can find anything that would count as Robin’s Wild Ride in this thing you must be be under the influence of the villainous Wizard, or perhaps his rarely seen but much beloved henchman, Gabe. But never fear, this episode is packed with all the shlubby costumes, sleepy superheroes, ordinary vehicles, and stumble-drunk fight choreography you’ve come to expect!

Join Mike, Bill, and Kevin for the Wildest, Ridey-est Batman short yet!