Batman TV Series Star Adam West Turns 85 Today

Adam West 2

With all the fuss over Ben Affleck playing an older Batman in the Batman Vs. Superman movie, we thought it would be good to recognize another older Batman. Adam West, who played Batman in the sixties Batman TV series, turns 85 years old today.

Adam West was born on September 19, 1928 in Seattle, Washington. He played the lead role in the Batman TV series on ABC from 1966 to 1968. While there was a period of time where many criticized the Batman TV show as being too campy, the series has taken on cult status in recent years, as it brings back nostalgic childhood memories for many.

While Adam West has appeared in numerous other TV shows and movies, it's the Batman role that he is still best remembered for. At 85, he continues to be active on the comic book convention circuit, drawing huge crowds of adoring fans at his appearances.

There's even a petition to get Adam West a cameo in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman film, which has been signed by over 6,000 fans. Happy Birthday, Adam West! We're hoping that cameo in Batman Vs. Superman becomes a reality.