Batman V Superman: Batman Gadgets Revealed

Alfred BVS Header
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

Batman wouldn't be Batman without some slick bat-themed gadgets, and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice looks to fill out Bruce's arsenal in a big way.

DC All Access spoke to Property Master Douglas Harlocker about some gadgets we'll see in the film and the design process behind them. You'll notice that the batarangs this time around are much more lethal than past iterations, having bladed edges on multiple sides. There were multiple drafts done, but those were the ones that Director Zack Snyder went with.

Synder's influence was also present in the grappling gun design, as it has a thick and rounded handle so that in melee combat Batman can use it as a blunt weapon if he needs to. The other gadget on display was the tech cowl, which appears to be something used later in the film, allowing better vision and communication with Alfred.


Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice releases on March 25th.