Batman V. Superman & Justice League Movies Rumored Budgets Revealed

With all the chatter of movie money stemming from Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaking box office records in its first day or ticket pre-sales, it is only fitting to talk about the other side of movie money: budgets.

A source at LatinoReview claims that DC's upcoming super hero showdown movie, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, has claimed stake among the most expensive movies ever produced at $410 million.

The budget for Batman v. Superman, alone, is more than 80% of what Warner Brothers is alotting to the two part Justice League movie set for release in 2017 and 2019. According to the same rumor, the Justice League movies will be working with a combined $500 million, half of what Marvel Studios is rumoredly allowing its two part Avengers capper, Infinity War, to cost.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016.