Batman V. Superman Rock Em Sock Em Game Revealed


It's time for the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice we've all been waiting for - the one on a table, using your own hands, of course.

The Rock em Sock em Robots are getting a Batman v Superman makeover, courtesy of DC Collectibles. The game runs $29.99 and should hit stores later this month.

They feature Batman in his "Bat-Armor" from the film, and Superman in his film costume (with some interesting bright blue highlights). It's played just like any other rock em sock em game, with buttons for each of the fists - land a good hit to the chin and you'll see your foe's head pop up.


I actually got to play this while on a DC office tour late last year. I was Batman, and I kicked that Kryptonian punk's butt. Or, um, I punched his head.