Batman V. Superman Trailer Comparison To The Comics

Comic book adaptations for the most part, stick to the script with retelling origins and character-defining moments that give fans the opportunity to see their favorite comic book moments brought to life. From Bryan Singer's X-Men to Marvel's latest movie, Ant-Man, these productions take visual cues from the comics as building blocks of the foundation.

Warner Bros. Man of Steel took some comic cues and origins, but spun them into their own thing, laying the groundwork for the DC Cinematic Universe. In the upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the comic connections are even more abundant now with Batman's mythos added on. Let's take a look at some of these connections and see how they compare to the comics.

Robin Memorial

(Photo: Warner Bros)

In the newest Dawn of Justice trailer, we see that there is a Robin costume on display which, given history, probably belonged to Jason Todd, the second Robin. Jason was a street kid, born into a family full of gangsters and hoodlums, but Bruce took him in and trained him to become the second Boy Wonder after Dick Grayson had left and became Nightwing. As fans know, Jason was killed by the Joker (in front of his uncaring mother no less) and died in the costume.

Taken directly from the comics, Bruce used Jason's costume as a reminder of both his own failures and as a memorial to Jason himself.

I think without the glass casing it makes it seem more like a museum than a trophy case I like that it's supposed to be out in the open and not become something simply on display and I think that works best in the case of Dawn of Justice.

Lex Luthor's Luscious Locks

(Photo: Warner Bros)

In Dawn of Justice, Lex Luthor is Superman's contemporary instead of an older man. Usually played by actors 20 or so years his senior, but Jesse Eisenberg's Lex is something we haven't seen on the big screen: a young, hip, modern Luthor. With hair.

Lex from the comics was not born bald, no, he had curly read hair that he eventually either lost over time or through some sort of random accident.

He should have worn some sort of protection. Safety first, Lex.

Now in the movies, Lex has a history of wearing and collecting wigs. This could be a wig as well as we've already seen Eisenberg's bald photo, so we're not sure if the baldness is already in effect, or something that occurs during the movie.

The Dark Knight Returns Homage

(Photo: Warner Bros)

Hardcore comic fans will recognize this instantly. Briefly in the trailer, Batman is seen with lightning in the background as he's clinging to a brick wall, avoiding being blasted by Superman's heat vision.

Hardly a coincidence too as director Zach Snyder has said the legendary Batman story is one of his inspirations for the movie in tone and some of the visuals. In what is one of the most recognizable covers in the Bronze Age of comics, this is one heck of a comic connection, even if for a moment.

The Waynes are murdered. Again.

It seems like there's an unwritten code that if you have Batman in a movie, his origin must be elaborated on, even though it's one of the most well-known stories in pop culture. Thomas, his wife Martha, and son, young Bruce Wayne, head out of a movie theater (or opera house) and are mugged and killed by Joe Chill in front of Bruce's eyes. The brutal act ignites a fire in Bruce to become a weapon against crime so nobody will experience what he went through.

It's been retold countless times in Batman comics, and in DC Comics overall in a plethora of stories. It seems we're bound to see it one more time in Dawn of Justice.

Diana Prince: Diplomat and...Karate Master?

(Photo: Warner Bros)

If you saw the Dawn of Justice trailer, you'll notice that Gal Gadot in one scene is sporting an all-white suit makes her stand out even more in a sea on dark colors. Now this one is a bit obscure, but its origins go back during the Mod era.


See, Wonder Woman was briefly depowered and and given a new look and gimmick. She was essentially a street cop that fought with martial arts and took down drug pushers, arm dealers, pimps, etc to give her a more "grounded" feel. Needless to say this did not last long and was restored to her champion of truth status, with old costume to boot as well.

So readers, did you spot any that we might have missed? Do you think there will be more references to the comics or do you think with this groundwork, Snyder and company will do their own thing?