Batman Visits Four Year Old Cancer Patient

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With all of the media attention still focused on The Dark Knight Rises shooting suspect James Holmes, it's important to remember that Batman is a hero for many children. Here's a story about a four year old cancer patient, and how a community rallied together to grant him a wish to meet one of his favorite superheroes. According to WYTV, four year old Jayden Barber suffers from a rare form of terminal bone cancer, and he has been a huge Batman fan ever since seeing the movie. The Youngstown Ohio community rallied together to arrange for Batman to meet Jayden at a local stadium. Before Batman arrived, Jayden got to meet several other superheroes including Spider-Man, Thor, and Wolverine. Then, Jayden lit the bat-signal, and sure enough, Batman arrived to take Jayden for a ride in a $200,000 Maserati Batmobile. A facebook group of over 30,000 members called Jayden's Warriors helped support the event, and they are also trying to get Dark Knight Rises actor Christian Bale to meet Jayden.