Batman Vs. Superman Movie Title Apparently Confirmed On Video

Batman Vs. Superman Fan Trailer

Way back in July, was the very first to report that the new Superman and Batman movie would likely be called Batman Vs. Superman. Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer had indicated that the film would either be called Batman Vs. Superman or Superman Vs. Batman at Comic Con, which was the biggest clue. We also did some domain name sleuthing, which led us to Batman Vs. Superman being the preferred title.

However, Warner Bros. has yet to make an official announcement, so there has still been a lot of discussion as to if Warner Bros. might still be undecided on the title. Yesterday, reports surfaced that Warner Bros. staff working the football scenes that were being filmed at East Los Angeles College referred to the movie as Batman Vs. Superman.

Now, video of the scenes being filmed has been uploaded to Youtube by Sad Puppy Productions, and a member of the production crew can be heard referring to the film as Batman Vs. Superman.

At around the four minute mark in the video below, a member of the production crew can be heard on a bullhorn saying, "Maybe a few close-up shots for you in the movie Batman Vs. Superman."

While this certainly appears to be confirmation of the movie's title, there is always the possibility that Batman Vs. Superman is just the working title. However, the Batman Vs. Superman title has become so associated with the movie at this point that it would probably become confusing to general audiences if Warner Bros. did decide to change it.