Batman vs. Superman Still Photographer Geared Up and Ready to Go

Batman vs. Superman

Photographer Clay Enos, who has worked regularly with Batman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder and is credited as the Still Photographer on Watchmen and Man of Steel, among others, has posted a new photo to his Instagram feed, showing off his gear, apparently for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman shoot if the comments are anything to go by.

Well, that and the "Autumn Frost" hashtag, which was the name the Man of Steel production operated under.

It looks from this image alone as though in at least one or two sequences, Enos may be dressed up as a military extra -- perhaps a good way to keep him more or less out of view if the camera filming the action happens to spot him.

The next image he posted was out the window of a plane in flight, with a destination of Detroit. Seems things are moving right along...