Batman vs. Superman's Female Lead Search Reportedly Narrows to Four

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Casting for a female lead character in Batman vs. Superman that many believed to be the role of Wonder Woman has reportedly been narrowed down to four actresses, reports news and rumor site Latino Review.

That said, it seems that those in the know don't believe it's Wonder Woman at all, but a love interest for Bruce Wayne--possibly part of an attempt to separate the film from the "Nolanverse" by making sure fans know right off the bat that the Ben Affleck Batman hasn't spent the past few years off  in Europe with Catwoman.

Here's what the site, that's right on these things as often as not, has to say (in part) on the matter of the casting notice that caught everyone's attention a couple of weeks ago:

Well, it’s down to not one one, or three, BUT FOUR TOP CONTENDERS for the mysterious female role.

Do I have names? Not yet. But as as soon as I do, I will update the story.

Do I think it’s Wonder Woman?

No. I put in some calls and the professionals I know that work in talent don’t think so either.