Batwoman Ongoing Series Teaser Coming this November

Fans of the latest member to wear the sacred bat of the Batman family have reason to celebrate today. DC Comics has just announced that Batwoman #0 will land in comic book stores this November as a "teaser" intro to the new ongoing series for the heroine. The series is set to begin in February 2011 with J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman taking the writing duties. Batwoman #0 will be a one-shot, designed to, as Williams put it, "straddle between what came before and what is to come, but manages to be it's own unique thing. It's unusual construction allows two threads of content to run simultaneously, building to a greater whole, hopefully creating an interesting reading experience." The new series promises a balance between the personal life of Kate Kane and the nightly activities of Gotham's newest crimefighting redhead, Batwoman. Blackman also promised an interesting perspective for the one-shot, "The #0 was very rewarding to write because it re-introduces Batwoman through the eyes of Batman. It gave us a chance to compare and contrast Batwoman with a character everyone knows very well — and I think that it's all the ways she is different from Batman that make her a really compelling and honest character." Big news for a highly anticipated series!