Before Gravity, Batman & Robin Was George Clooney’s Best Opening Weekend Ever

George Clooney as Batman

Besides just breaking the opening weekend record for the month of October, Gravity’s $55.5 million opening weekend also accomplished another amazing feat. It also got the Batman & Robin monkey off of George Clooney’s back.

Before Gravity, the best opening weekend ever for a George Clooney movie was Batman & Robin’s $42.8 million opening back in 1997. Of course, Batman & Robin is a movie that Clooney has made it obvious that he would rather forget. In recent interviews, Clooney has talked about how he destroyed the Batman franchise, how grown-ups that were little kids when the movie came out will kick him still today, and how wearing the Batsuit was his worst nightmare as an actor.

Now, thanks to Gravity, Clooney’s best opening weekend ever is no longer tied to a movie he’s embarrassed by. When asked by interviewers what his best opening weekend movie ever was, he can now say with pride that it was Gravity.