Before Watchmen: New Behind the Scenes Video Debuts at MTV

Darwyn Cooke, the writer/artist of Before Watchmen: Minutemen, opens a new video from MTV News with comments over a year-old that, in hindsight, were the first hints that strange things were afoot at DC Comics--things that ultimately led to this summer's massive Before Watchmen event. The video then goes on, more than six minutes of talking to nearly every creator and editor involved with the project, detailing how it came to be and what they hope to accomplish from doing the contr

oversial prequels. DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio appears, calling Watchmen the crown jewel of superhero comics and revealing that Cooke knew about the project before almost anyone else, as the publisher approached him about a year before it began. It's worth a watch; whether there's any new material (or even new footage; most of it feels familiar) is questionable, but it's a fairly exhaustive look at a project that will likely be dissected and discussed for years to come. Watch through below and feel free to comment!


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