Ben Affleck As Batman: Five Questions It Raises For DC Cinematic Universe

Superman Vs. Batman cartoon

Ever since Warner Bros. announced that Ben Affleck would be playing Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel, most of the online debate on the topic has centered around if Ben Affleck was the right choice. Ignoring which side of the fence that you fall on in the great Ben Affleck debate, the fact that Warner Bros. has cast a 41 year old actor to play an older Batman raises a ton of questions about the DC Cinematic Universe.

5. Is Batman’s origin being changed completely? – It was said by the Man Of Steel writer that Superman was the first costumed superhero to emerge in the Man Of Steel universe. Does that mean that Bruce Wayne doesn’t put on the Batman costume for the first time until he’s in his forties? Instead of Bruce Wayne being inspired by a bat flying in through the window, is Superman actually the motivation for the costume?

4. Where was Batman during Zod’s attack? – Whether he had actually taken to wearing the Batman costume yet, why didn’t Bruce Wayne lend a hand during the Zod attack? Surely, Bruce Wayne would have already had or been able to create technology and gadgets that could have helped during the battle with Zod.

3. Is there a Robin? – With previous film versions of Batman, Bruce Wayne was introduced earlier in his career, allowing plenty of time for Robin to emerge later. With an older Batman, Warner Bros. likely has to make a decision right away as to if Robin exists.


2. What about Batman’s rogues gallery? – Batman has some of the strangest and greatest villains of any superhero. Do these villains already exist in the DC Cinematic Universe? With the emergence of Superman being treated as something unusual and unique in the Man Of Steel, it doesn’t really lend itself to the likelihood of characters like The Joker and Bane already existing.

1. What ages will other superheroes be? – Superman is his early thirties, while Batman is in his early forties. It would seem kind of weird if all the other superheroes like Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman are Superman’s age, and Batman’s the only older person in the group. Could we see a mixture of ages in the Justice League?