Ben Affleck Is Batman, Will Jennifer Garner Be Wonder Woman?

Jennifer Garner Wonder Woman

With Warner Bros. officially announcing Ben Affleck as Batman in the Batman Vs. Superman movie, it can only mean one thing for fans and the press. It’s time to start speculating on who is going to play Wonder Woman.

And Twitter seems to have a new favorite to play Wonder Woman, thanks to the Ben Affleck casting announcement. When Ben Affleck played Daredevil back in 2003, Jennifer Garner played Daredevil's love interest Elektra.

Since Affleck and Garner are now married and they previously starred in a superhero movie together, this seems to be translating into the possibility that Jennifer Garner will play Wonder Woman among Twitter users.

So far Twitter seems to be split between those who think Garner would be great as Wonder Woman, those who think it would be a disaster, and those who realize it provides an opportunity for some great jokes. Here are some of our favorite Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman tweets so far.

Pizzolo tweeted, “Jennifer Garner to play Wonder Woman as DC plumbs the depths of Marvel's early 00s casting failures.”

Mr. Oberts tweeted, “My wife just said she'd be down for Jennifer Garner for Wonder Woman with Affleck as Batman.”

JTorresComics tweeted, “I can think of worse things plaguing this planet than Ben Affleck as Batman. Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman, for example.”

TheTVAddict tweeted, “I'll totally jump on board the Ben Affleck Batman casting if it means Jennifer Garner gets to play Wonder Woman.”


SpacePug tweeted, “Ben Affleck will do just fine as Batman versus Henry Cavill. Jennifer Garner could be great choice for Wonder Woman. Batman gets the girl?"

Of course, there's been absolutely nothing from Warner Bros. to suggest that Jennifer Garner is even in the running for Wonder Woman. Plus, Wonder Woman is dating Superman in the comic books now, so casting Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman could create an awkward situation. Now, on the other hand, Jennifer Garner as Catwoman, that could totally happen.