Bendis: Powers TV Series Still Alive


During a brief Q&A earlier tonight on Twitter, Powers co-creator Brian Michael Bendis told a fan that the FX series based on the fan-favorite, creator-owned comic book series by Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming is still alive, despite the slow pace of development.

"Based on the pilot the network ordered a handful of new scripts for new episodes and the writers should be handing them in soon," Bendis told a fan inquiring as to the series' status. "It's slow and steady but we are still alive."

It's unclear whether the pilot in question is the version that the network already passed on and sent back for rewrites, or whether this means the rewritten pilot has increased enthusiasm for the show. In either case, there likely won't be much usable from the original pilot considering that a number of the actors attached have had to move on to other projects while the project went back to the drawing board.

“They’re literally starting over. They want to do it again,” actor Khary Payton told Comic Book Resources back in April. “And fortunately and unfortunately, I’m doing another show.”

Powers was in competition for a spot in the fall lineup, but lost out to Outlaw Country. Shortly thereafter, FX had their doubts about Outlaw Country and rumors started circulating that Powers was headed back for reshoots in order to make it more broadcast-friendly. That was in November and there was nothing more heard on the project until the network officially passed on it in February. Bendis and FX have both consistently denied that the project is dead but the fact that additional scripts are being turned in seems to give that position a little more credence.