Beware the Batman Trailer Debuts Online

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A new trailer has debuted online for Cartoon Network's upcoming, CG-animated Batman series Beware the Batman. You can check it out embedded below. With an oddly retro feel, a focus on action and no dialogue in this teaser, it seems the series will be very distinct from previous screen adaptations of the character. Considering that we're coming off of a decade or so of Christopher Nolan's iconic Batman films, that's probably a good starting point. The series, of course, is widely understood by fans to be "replacing" the cancelled Green Lantern: The Animated Series so, like the recently-renewed Teen Titans Go!, it will probably start out with one hand tied behind its back. Its focus on new and unconventional villains and the decision to use Katana instead of Robin have already set it up as a show that's likely to be divisive, with fans either loving or hating the changes and the chances it's taking.