Box Office: Insidious Chapter 2 Wows With $41 Million Opening Weekend

Insidious Chapter 2

The ticket-buying public seems to have made it pretty clear what they like to see at the movies. It's all about superheroes and horror movies. While many recent big budget comedies and action movies have underperformed, superhero and horror movies continue to have huge opening weekends.

In fact, there may be no better return on money for studios right now than horror movies. Insidious Chapter 2 was made on an estimated $5 million budget, but it brought in an amazing $41.05 in its opening weekend.

Insidious Chapter 2 was by far the the number one picture at the box office this weekend, nearly tripling the gross of its nearest competitor. The Family finished in second place with $14.5 million. In its second week of release, Riddick managed to take third place, adding another $7.01 million to its total.

While September is traditionally a slow month at the box office, Insidious Chapter 2 scored the second highest opening weekend ever in September at the box office. The only film to do more was the animated feature Hotel Transylvania, which opened last year with $42.5 million.