Breaking Bad Ending Creates Criticism For LOST’s Damon Lindelof

Breaking Bad Ending & Lost

If you haven’t watched the Breaking Bad finale, then be warned that this article contains spoilers for how it all ended. Also, if you haven’t watched the LOST finale, then you’re really running behind on your TV viewing, but be warned this article contains spoilers for how LOST ended as well.

At the end of Breaking Bad, did the shot of Walter White flat on his back, bleeding, dying, and looking up at the sky look a little familiar? It might have if you were a LOST fan, because LOST ended with a similar shot of the central character Jack Shephard flat on his back, bleeding, dying, and looking up at the sky.

However, despite the similar shot, Breaking Bad provided a much different ending than LOST. In fact, many might argue the vibe of Breaking Bad’s ending was the exact opposite of LOST. The LOST ending attempted to preserve some of the mystery of the series and left many unanswered questions, which polarized viewers. Breaking Bad went the exact opposite route and wrapped everything up in one nice little package.

While it’s been over three years since the LOST finale, there are still quite a few people who are still upset by it, who have no intention of letting LOST co-creator and showrunner Damon Lindelof forget. Since the Breaking Bad finale, many fans have been tweeting out shots at Damon Lindelof, essentially telling him that the Breaking Bad finale showed the right way to wrap up a popular franchise.

To his credit, Damon Lindelof seems to be taking the criticism in good spirits, as he’s been retweeting all the angry tweets taking jabs at how he wrapped up LOST. Check out some of the tweets that Lindelof has retweeted below.

Breaking Bad and Lost Endings