Bryan Cranston Rumored To Be Up For Star Trek 3 Villain


Film Divider has posted some new rumors regarding new characters that could be beaming aboard Justin Lin's Star Trek 3.

They claim that the villain role was written to be "Bryan Cranston-like," so much so that Paramount Pictures went to Cranston for the part. Supposedly there have been discussions between the two. They provide no information on how well or poorly those discussions went, nor do they reveal who the villain is.

Then they go on to claim that there will be "three major new female characters." One will be the President of the United Federation of Planets, and it sounds like Paramount wants an actress with some gravitas. Another will be a Starfleet Captain that is the female reflection of Kirk. They want an actress that can match Chris Pine's "energy and vitality." Lastly, they want to bring in the woman that left Leonard McCoy with only his bones. Yup, Bones' ex-wife may be stirring up old feelings in Star Trek 3.


Paramount will release Star Trek 3 on July 8, 2016